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With the passage of healthcare reform March 2010, we have steadily watched the "stand alone individual insurance market" go away. Several years back we had many individual companies to offer you coverage. Now we have only a handful,

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas announced in the fall of 2015, they would be discontinuing their PPO plans and only offer HMO plans.

Fall of 2016, Aetna, Humana and United Healthcare / Golden Rule have stopped offering individual plans in 2017 and beyond.
This leaves only one statewide carrier, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

We have seen a lot of individuals go back to employer offered medical coverage.  If you do not have coverage from your employer and you do not wish to buy from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, the only other place at this time is the federal facilitated marketplace. Unfortunately we do not offer assistance with the Healthcare.Gov / the Marketplace.



Links to to Instant Quotes and Applications

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Vision Insurance with VSP

Dental Insurance wtih Ameritas

Inormation about Health Savings Accounts and Links to open one

Information about the Federal Health Insurance Exchange or Marketplace

  • Unfortunately, we are not registered to help individuals with Healthcare.Gov and apply for coverage.


Information about the Texas Health Insurance high risk pool.

  • With the passing of healthcare reform, the Texas high risk pool is no longer accepting insurance applications. As of January 1, 2014 all plans are now guarantee issue with no pre-existing conditions. We can help find you coverage with any of the major carriers in Texas.