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Eddie Carter born in San Antonio Texas in 1962 to parents Carroll E Carter and Ruth E Carter. In 1968 Carroll and Ruth moved to Yoakum Texas where Eddie started 1st grade. Eddie was raised and lived in Yoakum Texas until 1981 when he went to college at the University of Texas in Austin.

Career Background

Eddie started his career in the insurance industry in 1983 when he began his career as a Farmers Insurance Group captive agent in Austin Texas. Eddie worked for Farmers from 1983 until 1988.

In 1988 Eddie Carter started working for the Texas Department of Insurance as an investigator for fraud with the Unauthorized Insurance department. Eddie acted as investigator for about 1 year and was moved into a technical support position with the department of insurance computer networking division. For the next 4 years Eddie, along with a team of other computer experts implemented a brand new windows 3.0 and Banyan Vines network. This was state of the art technology for 1988 as Windows was just rolled out to the nation.

In the fall of 1993 Eddie Carter left the computing world and re-entered the sales and service world as a captive Allstate agent in Austin where for the next 6 years he and his best friend started and grew an Austin Allstate Insurance agency "Carter & Taylor Insurance".

Late 1999 Carter & Taylor Insurance Agency was sold allowing Eddie Carter the opportunity to join his family in the insurance business and open a branch office of Carter's Insurance Agency, Inc. in Austin Texas. Eddie worked, grew and managed this office until moving back to Yoakum to work at the corporate office in 2004. During this 5 year period, Eddie Carter grew the Austin office and added new products and services offering mortgages and home financing to the core set of products and services of Carter's Insurance Agency. During this time, Eddie expanded his product knowledge and began to offer his Austin clients benefit products including individual health, small group employer health plans and AFLAC and supplemental insurance products. Today Eddie is the lead consultant and owner of Carter's Benefits.

Carter's Benefits is closely tied to, and a sister company of Carter's Insurance Agency Inc. With over 20 years experience, Eddie brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to the tables. Carter's Benefits is a full service employee benefit firm and health insurance agency. My goal is to provide quality health insurance products and employee benefit solutions at affordable prices.

Hobbies and Interests

Physical fitness Eddie has always been physically active. In 1981 while at college, Eddie began daily regimen of working out and exercise and eating well. Like most people, it is difficult to always maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially with the requirements of a career, family and friends. Recently in the fall of 2009 after nearly a 10 year hiatus on exercise, Eddie has begun a routine again. Working out with weights, jogging, and eating better Eddie has been able to loose 25 pounds and drop from a 38" waist to a 32" waist. This is not without motivation. Eddie believes in wellness and supports employers and individuals in becoming more aware of their own health status. A recent "Heart CT" showed early signs of heart disease and as an alternative to statin drugs, Eddie began the exercise routine he now follows. Eddie is currently contributing to a personal diet, fitness and health blog. You can follow his health and fitness activities at

Flying Eddie is an avid pilot. Eddie earned his private pilots license in June of 2002, and bought a 1967 Mooney airplane in October 2002. Most of Eddie's flying is around central Texas. One of the best places to fly is to Port Aransas where you can land, and walk 3 blocks to the beach. In 2004 Eddie earned his instrument rating. Eddie sold his small plane, the 1967 Mooney, in July 2011.

Eddie's newest passion is flying a powered paraglider or PPG. You can see videos of several flying trips at A Powered Paraglider is like a parachute with an engine strapped to your back. It is by far the most amazing experience. It is very similar to scuba diving except it is over land and in the air.

Gardening Eddie also enjoys the outdoors and gardening. It is always refreshing to grow your own vegetables and eat what you produce.

Beekeeping Currently Eddie has two bee hives. This is just an interesting hobby. It is very educational.

Camping and the outdoors Eddie loves to go camping and hiking in the various state parks. Eddie has traveled to many of the state parks and enjoys camping right out of the back of a truck with a large tent and air mattress and most of the amenities of a home, or camping by backpacking everything into the countryside and going primitive.